Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Codex Vallardi

Antonio di Puccio Pisano
The Louvre, Paris

This is a collection of line drawings and sketches by Antonio di Puccio Pisano. According to his biography in the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C., he was born in Pisa circa 1395 and died in Rome sometime between July and October of 1455. The nickname "Pisanello," which most likely referred to his small stature, seems to have stayed with him throughout his career. Although Pisanello did larger works such as decoration for the Doge's Palace in Venice between 1415 and 1422 and the Basilica of Saint John Lateran in Rome between 1431 and 1432 the interest in him here is in the Codex specifically. The sketches in the Codex are quite varied ranging from people, dogs and other animals, to ships and architecture.

His sketches of horses, and their associated tack are quite detailed and why this work is included here.
Presented here are only three of such sketches, there are many more in the book itself. 

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